Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finding Items and Rare Item Codes for Neopets

Neopia is chock-full of items. Knowing all about them is fun and also important too. This newsletter will hopefully tell you how to get, use and find noepets items.
When playing Neopets for the first time, you can accept a gift called a newbie pack. This pack will include your first items ever. Lets not waste any time!

You can get items from many alternative places. You can buy them from stores, earn them from adventures, games and even as prizes. Beware, there are no get rich fast schemes or hacks for Neopets. These are some good tips to getting items and neopoints easily.

Remember that 50% off day is on the third of each month in almost all Neopets stores. This is a great time to buy. When you go to journey into neopia, click on Tyrannian Plateau. If you click the omelette you can get an omelette. You can also get a free spin a day on the Fruit Machine by going to Sakhmet in the Lost Desert.

There are plenty of other places to go for free stuff in Neopia. Some of these areas are the Wheel of Slime that's in the game arcade.

This is generally a brilliant idea. Selling all the items you don't want will add up and you will make thousands of neopoints over time, excluding your rare items. You can also find some free rare item codes for neopets.

There are some methods to getting free neopets rare item codes. Firstly, you search ebay. There you should buy rare item codes for a very cheap price. Many will be a mystery as they're sold new. One of the best things about buying codes from eBay is that you may have them the same day, which is definitely cool.

You might also want to play the stock market to build up neopoints. Keep in mind you can lose your money you have put in just as fast as you can spend it. If you want to play it safe, you can put your np in the bank and get interest.

This is also a good way to make certain you know what you're getting. Lastly, you can go to and try getting a free rare item code. This site doesn't cost anything except a little while of your time, but you cannot pick and choose what codes you will get. Now go have a great neopets journey!